Asked Questions

General Q&A

Our suggestion would be “Try to get the genuine watches”. There is no way high-end replica from any factories are flawless. You should start making price comparison between genuine and replica. Let’s say, you want a Audemars Piguet 15400 rose gold, price on genuine watch is around $22,000 while on high-end replica is around $400. Will you expect flawless? There is always a flaw even though only a very small one. But high-end replica is very close to genuine one, probably 90%-95%.

Payment Q&A

If you want better payment trust guarantee for both parties, you can contact our WhatsApp, which will help you query the trust platform for both parties

Shipment & Handling Q&A

Normally we will need 2-3 business days to handle your order. Sometimes we have overload orders and factory is short in parts stock, and we also need time to do proper Quality Control process for each order. It will take some time, because not every piece of watch is in a perfect condition. Sometimes we need to return to the factories to replace with a good one. Please be patient, and keep in touch with us.

Warranty Q&A

Check your video that we sent while Quality Control process. We never deliver dead watches, you can notice from the serial number on some models as well the pictures or videos from QC will be the exactly same as what you get. There are some possibilities:
1.You need to do big shake on your watch and do manual winding to fill the power in. Or
2.Since we both agree to declare small value to avoid customs issue and fees, there will not be treated as high value packages sometimes. So, it possibly caused by bounces or shakes while shipping process.